Looking for more in your life?  
Sense there’s more for you to be and do? 
Want to develop the next best version of you and your life?


Full Spectrum Coaching and Consulting is a personal growth and leadership development company that provides customized coaching and consulting to individuals, team leaders and small business entrepreneurs and supports them in optimizing their potential and reaching their goals.


  • Exceptional professionalism, safety, confidentiality and encouragement.
  • Customized coaching and consulting tailored toward your unique needs and goals.
  • Holistic service model encompassing mind, heart, body, spirit and soul.
  • Formal and systematic coaching or consulting experience via Zoom or FaceTime.
  • Worthwhile investment with immediate takeaways and life-long practices.

John Armstrong, Full Spectrum Coaching & Consulting

I have been training, coaching and consulting individuals and teams for over three decades.  I have also been a small business entrepreneur since 1998 (www.magicpainting.com) and am currently a “coach in training” to become a certified life coach.  I have been a student of personal growth and development since my first psychology and communication classes in high school.  My life with my teenage daughters, family pets, wife and wilderness trips brings much adventure and joy.


My mission is to create a safe and sacred learning environment for you to discover how to access and optimize your untapped potential that will empower you to accomplish and exceed your dreams and goals.


My philosophy is that safety, health and well-being are the foundations for all our productivity, creativity and success.  Daily holistic self-care practices provide the foundational framework for our growing personhood.  Each new day offers us a myriad of opportunities for awakening, learning and developing who we want to be and what we want for this world.  Leadership development centered around serving others is an integral part of achieving our own sense of success and fulfillment in life. From this philosophy, Full Spectrum Coaching and Consulting focuses on the development of holistic self-care, personal mastery and service leadership.


I promise to be attentive, conscientious, trustworthy, energized and encouraging.  I pledge to support you in developing your path, envisioning your future, overcoming adversity, achieving your goals and celebrating your accomplishments.

As a coach and consultant, I fill many roles yet I am NOT a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.  I have been trained to ask you questions, help you examine your life, address  obstacles and reach your goals but not to provide treatment for mental health issues like severe depression or anxiety.  Please seek a trained health provider if you think you may have a serious problem.