About Me


I have been training, coaching and consulting individuals and teams for over three decades.  I have also been a small business entrepreneur since 1998 (www.magicpainting.com) and am currently a “coach in training” to become a certified coach.  I have been a student of personal growth and human development since my first psychology and communication classes in high school.  My life with my teenage daughters, family pets, wife and wilderness trips brings me much adventure and joy.

After 20 years of business ownership, Full Spectrum Coaching and Consulting is the culmination of who I have become, what I have learned and who and what I intend to grow into.  There have been many highs and lows over the years and I am grateful to my family, colleagues, clients and coaches for being willing to embrace them all and to continue growing with me.  

While my strengths in craftsmanship, management and leadership have been evident, my deepest passion and calling has been in the areas of education – learning, teaching, training, coaching and consulting.  Staff training and organizational development has always thrilled, awakened and rewarded me like none other.  It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I bring forth Full Spectrum Coaching and Consulting to support others in their journeys toward personal mastery, leadership development and entrepreneur transformations.

“John does an excellent job encouraging me
and providing a safe/confidential space. He
validates me, making me feel as though I am
heard and important… After every session,
I feel like I can accomplish anything! John’s
encouragement and insight coupled with the
practical tools (handouts) have been exactly
what I needed to grow – spiritually, emotionally
and physically….

I would refer all my friends to John!”
                  — KELLY A.