Consulting encompasses initial and ongoing inquiry, assessments, observations and reflections.  My role is to listen for and offer suggestions towards prioritization of values and goals, strategy and skill development as well as coaching recommendations.  This is available within any area of your personal life, leadership capacity or business development.

Consulting is generally project-based, focussing on specific problems to solve or goals and end results to achieve.  This is accomplished through sharing teachings,  tools, principles and practices.

Consulting centers around the belief that we are all socially interdependent beings.  Rather than “reinvent the wheel” we can share perspectives, principles and teachings which I or others have found useful on the journey and perhaps you will also find value and meaning from these.


Coaching includes listening, inquiring, encouraging and holding space for your inner wisdom, genius and teacher to guide you to what’s your next best move.   My role is to listen and observe, affirm and encourage and sometimes provide an outside perspective or a shift in energy to support your journey.  This is available within any area of your personal life, leadership capacity or business organization.

Coaching is generally learning-based, focussing on either a specific skill, quality or capability to develop or how to navigate through adversity or a life transition.  This is accomplished through sharing teachings, tools, principles and conditioning practices.

Coaching centers around the belief that along with our challenges and problems are our own solutions, answers and resources which are already inside of us.  Rather than “go it alone” you can experience support, commitment and resources which I or others have found useful on the journey and perhaps you will also find valuable and meaningful.  

“I really appreciated our first session. I felt seen and cared for right off the bat.
I was left wanting more of your attention and support. I sense that our time
together will be productive and well spent. I appreciate your thoughtfulness
demonstrated in the way you presented things and your crystal clear,
in-the-moment style of communication. I appreciated your attention to the
small details. It makes me trust your abilities and mindfulness.

Looking forward to the road ahead.”


Facilitating involves, in addition to some aspects of consulting and coaching, the practice of guiding individuals or teams towards their goals.  My role as a facilitator is to bring out the best in you and/or your team while keeping you on track and guiding you towards your outcomes and goals.

Facilitating can be either short or long-term focused and generally starts with a clear and focussed outcome.  The facilitating process largely centers around workshop questions, tools, techniques, flip charts and the participants feedback.  

Collaboration and being open to guidance, discovery and learning are essential in the facilitation process.   Rather than pave “a solo route”, facilitation offers an interdependent journey where everyone learns and grows together towards a common goal.  

At Full Spectrum Coaching and Consulting we are all together, students and teachers, on a path towards mastery, development, transformation and greater fulfillment in our lives.


Standard rates $150 per hour.  
Sliding fee rates available on a case by case basis.
Limited Time Promotional Rate:  $0 – $5


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